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Organic Top Dress

Organic Top Dress is a mix of 30% clean sandy loam 70% composted stable manure. Our soil will not stink out your neighbours. Our soil will repair and grow your grass extremely fast.

Turf Underlay

Organic Turf Underlay is perfect new and turf to help establish and rapidly grow your new lawn.

Our soil contains a mix clean sandy loam, composted green waste, composted stable manure and ash.

Organic Garden Soil

Organic Garden Mix is a special soil mix containing coarse sand, composted sawdust, composted pinebark and composted organics. Perfect for New Existing garden beds and planter boxes. You will not have any problems producing the best fruits and vegetables using our soil.

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Cow manure

Cow Manure is widely used as a soil conditioner which adds much needed organics to nutrient depleted soils, Its a great general fertiser as well as helping your soil retain moisture and improving structure.

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