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We only sell quality hardwoods such as Blue Gum, Grey Gum, Bloodwood, Iron Bark, Blackbutt and Brush box.

The timber from these species of trees give you a longer hotter burning fire, generating a lot more heat from each of the hardwood logs. We have a yard service available to fill your car truck or trailer.

Whether you’re planning on having a fire outdoors or want to throw a few logs in your wood-burning fireplace, you need quality substainable firewood that will burn steadily and cleanly. And having a steady store of wood is wonderfully convenient, no matter the time or season.

At Paynes Landscaping Supplies, we offer bulk firewood in the Wallsend and all surrounding areas so you can stock up for the year. Come visit our facility and experience our outstanding supply service.

At Paynes Landscaping Supplies we specialise in premium-quality firewood supplies that are available for pick-up or delivery to your home.

Choose from Mixed or Premium to warm those cold winter nights. Premium is denser, so it burns longer at higher temperatures meaning less smoke and ash.
Our premium firewood contains such species as Ironbark, Bloodwood, grey gum,Yellowbox and Red Gum. Kindling is also available to help you get your roaring fire started.

Give us a call or come in for a visit and look through our huge range of soil, mulches, and gravels

We also offer delivery of firewood across Newcastle and surrounding areas.

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